Home Entertainment ‘After death, the music industry respects the artist…’, the pain of this...

‘After death, the music industry respects the artist…’, the pain of this singer was spilled

'After death, the music industry respects the artist...', the pain of this singer was spilled

Famous Bollywood playback singer Kavita Seth, who dedicated 17 years of her life to the music industry, has suffered. She has expressed her frustration with the industry. She says that most of the artists in the industry are valued after saying goodbye to this world.

Quoting the late singer KK, Kavita has made her point. She died of a heart attack in May. Kavita said that she was talking to someone about him a few days ago. He received the Golden Voice as a gift from the above and has sung many memorable songs, but he feels that the industry has not taken advantage of his talent as much as it should.

Kavita further said that most of the time people in the industry do not respect an artist while they are alive. When he dies, people say nice things about him. He said, “After KK’s death, everyone had something to say about his work and talent, but when he was alive, they didn’t mind giving KK the respect he deserved. Then you keep paying tribute no matter what.” .

Many artists are working full-time in the industry, but they’re not getting the money. Expressing her concern about this, Kavita Seth also said that who is responsible for this, the answer has yet to be found. On this occasion, she urged both the industry and the public to appreciate the talented artist and give her full respect.

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