Afghan government offer to share power with the Taliban

The Afghan government has offered the Taliban a piece of power to stop the wave of violence in the country.

According to foreign media, the offer was made during the ongoing Trika Plus talks in Qatar.

“The Afghan government has offered Qatar as a mediator,” a government official involved in the talks told AFP. This proposal is in exchange for the Taliban stopping the violence in the country.

It should be noted that the Afghan Taliban have so far occupied 10 Afghanistan provinces, while the Wall Street Journal in a report predicted that if Afghan President Ashraf Ghani did not take serious action, Kabul could fall from the hands of the Afghan administration.

US President Joe Biden has also made it clear that defending Afghanistan is the responsibility of Afghan forces and that we can no longer help in the fight against the Taliban.

UNICEF is concerned that Afghan armed groups are recruiting children to fight. UNICEF says 27 children were killed and more than 136 injured in the last three days of fighting.


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