Adalia Rose, the influencer who shocked the world by her premature aging, died after a life in which she suffered from the strange Benjamin Button disease that only less than 500 people in the world suffer from, it was reported this Friday. I was 15 years old.

"Adalia left quietly, but her life was far from that. She touched millions of people and left a huge mark on everyone who knew her. She is no longer in pain and is now dancing to all the music she likes", the family published in a message, where all the medical personnel who worked with her are also thanked "for years to keep her healthy".

The American youtuber, who died last Wednesday, suffered from progeria also known as Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome.

Progeria was identified as such in 1886 by British physician Jonathan Hutchinson and was described by Hastings Gilford in 1987, two men who would give the syndrome its name.

Likewise, it is popularly known as Benjamin Button disease., following the 2008 fictional film "The curious Case of Benjamin Button"Directed by David Fincher.

In the story of the film, starring Brad Pitt, it is told about a strange disease that caused him to be born at the age of 80 and to get younger over the years.

The tape script"The curious Case of Benjamin Button" was inspired by people like the famous youtuber Adalia Rose Williams.

The American was diagnosed with only 3 months, with a life expectancy of between 13 and 20 years, a prognosis that was fulfilled because she died at 15.

“When Adalia was born, I think she was about a month old and (doctors) weren’t happy with her growth. That was one of the symptoms that appeared first and then it was also that the skin on her belly was very tight and had a different look,” Adalia’s mother, Natalia Pallante, revealed to the New Zealand Herald in 2018.

Soon he began to lose his hair. His veins also became visible and his skin thinned.

In recent years, Adalia Rose Williams had become a well-known youtuber with up to almost 3 million subscribers, where she told her day to day with her family.

She used to share her routines in her daily life as well as her tastes for everything related to fashion, art and entertainment, as she was shown singing, dancing and having fun, despite her health condition.



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