The AC Milan It continues to grow little by little after very difficult years where they were not among the top positions in the Italian Serie A and did not participate in the UEFA Champions League. The arrival of Stefano pioli and Paolo Maldini’s project with bets on young talents have put the team back in the vanguard positions in Italy.

The plan of the rossonero team is to continue betting on acquiring young talents from lower clubs or taking advantage of market opportunities from players who do not fit into the plans of the best teams in the world. And, in the last hours, a new name has appeared on the table, who was already in the club’s sights at the time. We are talking about Luka Jovic.

Jovic’s new suitor

The Serbian striker is one of Carlo Ancelotti’s discards for the second part of the season and will look for a new club in the winter transfer market, where the option of the rossonero club seems more than interesting due to his way of playing and the projection that has to fight for the Serie A title.

Real Madrid wants to find a new place for Jovic, who has not performed at the level expected by everyone since his arrival at the club and has also shown interest in leaving because he does not feel comfortable with the environment.

Milan wants to take advantage of its good relationship with the merengue team to negotiate the sale of the Serbian, in a move that may be similar to Brahim’s: A two-year loan with an option to buy at the end of the second season. A movement with which it is easier to amortize the expense and have an option to recover when playing after complicated years in Spain.

The ball is on the side of the player, who has not yet made a decision about what to do in winter.



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