Juan Núñez was on Sunday at La Hora del Deporte and one of the topics developed was the next world baseball classic. The event is as close as March of next year, that is a matter of 10 months.

However, practically no country has put out key information such as the managers or the managers who will be responsible for forming and directing their teams, which represent their countries.

The Dominican Republic has a huge advantage and is a lot like the United States in its abundance of talent. As for players, there is a supreme interest and in the end it is thought that the best Dominican team of all the classics since this event began in 2006 will be presented. The names are there and fans and journalists have already been in charge of making even the alignments .

As for the manager, the availability is tremendous, having the advantage that several of the candidates have already held these functions in the classic, manager or manager.

The names are well known: Manny Acta, Moisés Alou, Tony Peña (undefeated champion in 2013), Luis Rojas, Audo Vicente. And I add the names of Héctor Borg for manager, winner of the bronze medal of the last Olympic Games, and of Félix Fermín himself, a legend among Dominican and Caribbean managers.

According to what Núñez said, they are waiting for “the order” from MLB and the International Federation to proceed with such selections and in the meantime they can do nothing. When it will be? Very soon and when it happens there will be plenty of talent to choose from.

There is also the possibility that, following the current trend in Lidom, “two boys” will be appointed to these positions, the kind that are currently in fashion.

NATIONAL LEAGUE: To complete yesterday’s comment, in the National League there are interesting situations about the teams that have started well and those that have not.

The Mets do not have Jacob deGrom, but they have started with an enviable 20-10, leading the Eastern Division. Atlanta, champion 2021, is 14-16, but they must improve. In that group, Washington is demoralized at 10-20 and it doesn’t look good. Milwaukee is doing very well with 19-11 and San Luis with 16-12. The Dodgers and San Diego dominate the West 19-8 and 19-11, but the Giants close at 17-12.

The Cubs disappoint at 10-18 and Cincinnati is a revenge at 6-23.


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