About You enters shipping costs for small orders

About You enters shipping costs for small orders

Although there is still no exact date, the German fashion platform About You will introduce a minimum order value for free shipping in all markets in 2023. The company informed the German news site Neuhandeln. This should ensure that there are fewer orders with low prices in the future. Those orders are often not possible and therefore cost the company a lot of money.

First pilot phases

To carry it out, About You will incorporate it in several pilot phases in Europe, in which the conditions will be adapted to local demand and conditions. The company is currently testing the French online store. There, they only have free shipping for customers who order at least €24.90, below which they pay €3.90 in shipping costs. During the previous year, shipping in France would have been free.

This is also being tested in Belgium and Ireland. Shipping is free in the Netherlands at the moment.

What about About You?

about you is a online fashion store which emerged in Hamburg (Germany) in 2018. In recent months it has experienced rapid growth in Europe. Only for the Spanish public they have more than 1,000 brands (Nike, Adidas, Converse, Levi’s or their own). Its objective is to digitize purchases by creating personalized experiences through the smartphone.


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