Home World A zebra bites its owner before being shot in the United States

A zebra bites its owner before being shot in the United States

A zebra seriously bit its 72-year-old owner in Ohio (USA) on Sunday afternoon. The victim called the police, explaining that the animal had injured his arm. Officials dispatched to the scene said they discovered the septuagenarian bleeding profusely in his car. The zebra was showing a “very hostile behavior” and was “aggressive”, they detailed.

Police safety at risk

The animal, a male, did not flee despite the actions of the officers to make him leave the scene. He even charged one of those approaching the victim, said the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office (USA). One of his colleagues then fired, killing the zebra. The police claimed they were forced to kill the equine to ensure their own safety.

The zebra could have sought to protect females being with him in the sector, analyzed the forces of order. His master, authorized to own such an animal which is not considered dangerous, was taken to the hospital. His state of health was described as “good” by the establishment. No details were provided about his injury, except that a policeman put a tourniquet on the arm of the septuagenarian during the intervention.

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