A young migrant dies electrocuted on the roof of a train, on the French-Italian border

Aged 17, the victim from Bangladesh, who was trying to enter France illegally, died of electrocution on the roof of a train, Sunday evening, near Ventimiglia, on the Franco-Italian border. The Roya Citoyenne association calls for mobilization this Saturday at 12 noon in Nice station to “make people understand that borders kill”.

The facts go back to Sunday, August 29, at the beginning of the afternoon. The 17-year-old migrant was electrocuted as he climbed on the roof of a train to reach France, in Ventimiglia, near Menton (Alpes-Maritimes).

The teenager’s body was recovered by firefighters and taken to the morgue after the driver’s warning. The mayor of Ventimiglia (Italy), Gaetano Scullino, visited the scene and expressed his “great dismay at this tragedy”. To avoid other accidents, the councilor asked the Italian railway line to set up a “team to control trains arriving and departing from Ventimiglia, in collaboration with the railway police”.

“It’s time to raise your voice”

Each year, thousands of migrants try to reach France from Italy, by boarding trains or walking along the tracks. These attempts can sometimes be fatal. At least 20 exiles have died in recent years trying to escape police checks in this area.

“We all know it’s not the first and it won’t be the last if the whole system here doesn’t change soon!” It’s time to raise your voice, it’s time to say again and again that these deaths are caused by institutions that don’t care about individual life, and which dehumanize people just because they are accused of being “illegal”. It is time to make people understand that borders kill ”, underline the representatives of Roya Citoyenne.

This association for the defense of migrants calls for mobilization this Saturday at 12 noon in Nice station.

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