A woman placed alive in a grave in Brazil rescued ten hours later

Two men aged 20 and 22 are wanted by the police in Brazil. They are suspected of having locked up a living woman in a tomb in the municipal cemetery of Visconde do Rio Branco (Brazil) this Monday evening. The 36-year-old victim spent the night in a burial niche built into a structure that allows graves to be stacked above ground level. She would have stayed there for about ten hours.

Cemetery workers called the police

The 30-year-old was finally taken out of the tomb by police officers alerted this Tuesday morning by cemetery employees. The latter had noticed the presence of traces of blood near a funeral niche freshly sealed with bricks and cement. Members of the security forces went to the scene and heard the calls for help from the victim.

They then broke the grave and discovered the young woman inside. She was alive but injured in the head and arms, a military police statement said. The mother of the family was taken to the hospital, where she was still on Thursday. A medical source said his condition had improved. The victim may have been targeted as part of a revenge campaign between gangs against a background of arms and drug trafficking.

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