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A sixth planetary limit has just been crossed, that of the freshwater cycle

For the second time this year, the world has crossed a new planetary boundary: that of the freshwater cycle. In a new study (in English) published in the journal Nature Thursday, April 28, scientists explain that this cyclewhich includes precipitation as well as soil moisture and evaporation, is outside the safe zone.

This resource is now largely disturbed by human pressures at continental and planetary scales”they write. “This new scientific analysis shows how we humans are pushing green water far beyond the variability that Earth experienced for several thousand years during the Holocene period., is alarmed the Swedish Johan Rockström, professor of environmental studies and co-author of the study.

Six out of nine limits crossed

Scientist Emma Haziza was moved by the situation on Twitter.I don’t know how to say it, shout it sometimes and then shut up in front of the continuous flow of news… she writes. But have you understood what lack of water means? No more energy, nothing to eat, we’re actually nothing, are you sure you want to continue like this?”

The world has nine planetary boundaries. So far, six planetary boundaries have been crossed. These are those of climate change, the erosion of biodiversity, global disturbances of the nitrogen and phosphorus cycle, land use, chemical pollution, and the latest, l ‘pure water. Only three have not yet been crossed.



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