Sri Lanka is in the throes of an oil and food crisis, and a state of emergency has been declared for the second time.

Sri Lanka’s political situation has deteriorated and the country is moving towards anarchy. The president has declared a state of emergency for the second time in five weeks after riots broke out in several cities.

Public protests are taking place in the country and the president is being asked to resign. People say that the president is responsible for the current economic situation.

On the other hand, the situation is that oil and food are not available in many parts of the country.

How did the situation get here?

It should be noted that the epidemic of code 19 is responsible for the serious economic situation of Sri Lanka as it has severely affected its tourism sector. At the same time, many economists say the government’s mismanagement and persistent borrowing have created such a dire situation.

Sri Lanka banned imports in March 2020 to save foreign exchange, saving 51 51 billion in foreign debt repayments. At the same time, there has been a flurry of diesel shortages in Sri Lanka in recent days. Demonstrations have taken place in many cities of the country.


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