A rat interrupts a press conference by the mayor of Buenos Aires and ends up being eaten by two dogs

This Thursday, a rat became the unexpected protagonist of an inspection hearing of the center-right head of government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Jorge Macrito a market in the Retiro district, where the police carried out an operation Crackdown on illegal sales.

While Macri made statements to the press during a security operation against the illegal fair, located next to one of the capital’s poorest neighborhoods, A rat ran between the feet of those present and caused a moment of unrest.

Some journalists ran away screaming, others ran away Kick the rodentwhich was thrown several meters away and He ended up being eaten by two dogs who pounced on him.

The mayor, cousin of the former Argentine president Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), resumed the conversation with the journalists with the sentence: “Let’s clean up what the rat messed up.”

The illegal market in one of the busiest places in Buenos Aires

“We managed to carry out this entire operation without violence, without anyone getting hurt, except for the bad episode of journalists who were afraid of that rat in the middle. But that in itself is a metaphor for the things that these places also produce, which represents a humiliation, an acceptance of living with things that are bad,” he explained.

Near Retiro bus station, one of the busiest places in the Argentine capitalAccording to authorities, there was a fair where illegal items of unknown origin were sold.

The market in which they had identified themselves numerous stolen itemswas at the entrance of the Padre Carlos Mugica quarterbetter known as Barrio 31, the most common villa miseria (district with substandard housing) in the capital.

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