Home World A plane crashed in full exhibition in Spain

A plane crashed in full exhibition in Spain

A plane crashed in full exhibition in Spain

An F18 fighter of the Spanish Air Forcewho was doing exhibition practices, crashed this Saturday, but the pilot was able to eject in time and was taken to the hospital with trauma and leg injuries.

The event occurred in the Zaragoza Air Base and the wounded man is in a hospital in that city, where, according to the Air Force on Twitter, his life is not in danger. Despite the spectacular nature of the accident, did not cause any harm among the civilian population.

As confirmed by the Civil Guard, the fighter, which was practicing, suffered “any problem” and crashed after the pilot managed to actuate the cockpit ejection maneuver.

The pilot fell very close to the exterior fence of the facility and at first he was helped by the Civil Guard, to be later transferred to the hospital in an emergency service helicopter.

When falling, the appliance caught fire, the fire was brought under control by the facility’s firefighters and the fighter was completely disintegrated. The Civil Guard remained at the perimeter fence of the place to order traffic and control the situation.

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