A man was shot dead in the Kennedy neighborhood, where clashes broke out on Monday

A 34-year-old man was killed by one Shoot in the chest in Kennedy District from Punta del Este. The victim had multiple previous convictions. It was in the same alley where clashes occurred on Monday night.

Another man injured in Monday’s clashes remains in serious condition. Houses were set on fire at night and criminals are suspected of using a Molotov cocktail because a jug and hoses were found at the scene. That Tuesday afternoon they also set fire to houses. On Friday they burned another one.

The main hypothesis is that it was a confrontation between criminal gangs over areas to sell drugs, police sources told News Agency.

After the shooting, the victim was the man who was hit three times. He was initially transferred to the local hospital and later to a private mutual insurance company where he is hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

The incident occurred near Trinidad and Rocha streets. The police and fire department arrived there. Several shotgun shells, a .38 caliber revolver and a 9 millimeter caliber pistol were found.

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