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A lady who bowls with passion

A lady who bowls with passion

She arrived at the Sebelén Bowling Center by accident, at an advanced age, and ever since she tried it, bowling became a passion for Rosanna García, from whose initiative transcendental and positive days were derived for her and later for her daughter. .

The famous left-handed bowler, in this way they began to rename her as soon as she acquired the skills required to become a great bowler and who, despite being 30 years old when she was struck by the impressive facilities, has yielded various fruits to this discipline. , who loves today.

Mother, of María Paula Hernández, today a 20-year-old girl, who is currently studying at Scab University in Atlanta, the result of a scholarship obtained for her skills as a magnificent bowling player, García expresses that this became a great blessing that after the pininos that he gave his little girl, today he is in the process of fulfilling one of his big dreams.

Without the difficulties of other mothers, who play and are due to a work entity, García is a caterer (people who prepare buffets and sandwiches to order), that is, she can better distribute her time between training and playing.

Even so, he trained María Paula with all the rigors that a mother longs for her children, even since her daughter was little she wanted her to embrace bowling, but she lost the first two attempts, because the answer was no.

However, when the girl was over 10 years old and after witnessing each of the successes accumulated by her mother in the various national and international tournaments, one day and alone, she told her that she wanted her to take her to the bowling alley and It will teach you the first steps of a sport in which family life has prevailed since its inception.

“At first it was difficult to convince her to join the training sessions, but one day I was surprised, perhaps I observed the great interest she showed in the game, in addition to the fact that bowling fulfills the double condition of being a sport and bringing people together,” says García. .

For the bowling alley, practicing this sport apart from the sporting activity represents a great family gathering, with friends, loved ones, who blend in in a social, healthy and enjoyable environment.

“Since the first days that I began to attend, this became one of the most charming parts, how magnificent we all get as a group and team,” says García, one of the most veteran of the group.

Competitively, he won a bronze medal in 2018 at the VII Ibero-American Games held in the country in 2018, in which he partnered with Virginia Bello, who accumulated 1|,351 pins and García finished with 1,081.

More recently, he won the gold medal in the quartet that represented the Dominican Navy in the Military Games, which he integrated along with Bello, Wendy Arias and María Teresa Ramírez.

García represents one of those fruits that, despite reaching an advanced age, managed to be located in the foreground, mainly at a national level.

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