A jockey, about to lose a finger after being bitten by a horse

The Peruvian jockey Pablo Morales has been the victim of one of the most surreal accidents in memory in horse racing and in which he was about to lose a finger when he received a bite from another horse that was next to him before a race.

It all happened when Pablo Morales and his horse were waiting for the start of a race at Tampa Bay Downs when the horse next to them suddenly became enraged and bit the jockey on the little finger of his right hand, leaving the finger dangling from the bone sticking out of his glove.

In statements collected by Daily Mirror, Morales himself explained in this way how this incident took place. “I’m not sure what happened, but when I saw my hand and got into the ambulance I knew it was very bad. When I saw the video of what had happened, it was as if we had both arrived at the same time. My horse took a step forward and when I reached out to grab the bar, the other horse stuck its head to the left and it all happened. I was going to grab my horse again and when I saw my finger I thought, ‘My God, this is terrible.’ It’s the weirdest accident I’ve ever experienced.”

Once at the hospital, Morales’s finger was reattached after being sewn up and the doctors managed to save it after the operation they underwent. Now Morales will have to be out of the races for several weeks while he recovers to return to compete and remember this episode as one more anecdote.

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