A fine of Rs 4 crore for a minor traffic violation

In the European country of Finland, fines for traffic violations are calculated according to the annual income of the accused, which is why one of the wealthiest people had to pay a fine of Rs. 4 crore for minor speeding.

In the northern European country of Finland, a driver of a vehicle was fined 1 lakh 21 thousand euros (3 crore 66 lakh 85 thousand Pakistani rupees) for the crime of speeding.

The accused Anders Wikloff was driving at a speed of 82 km/h in a 50 km/h speed limit zone.

Police say that the accused is a wealthy citizen and this is not the first time that he has been fined heavily.

Over the past decade, the same driver has been fined 3 times for overspeeding, but this is the first time that the fine has crossed the 1 lakh euro limit.

A feature of traffic laws in the Scandinavian democracy and EU member Finland is that speeding drivers are fined according to their annual income.

The police has also suspended the accused’s driving license for 10 days in addition to a heavy fine.

Anders Wiklov is the head of a holding company that owns a number of businesses in a number of sectors, including freight forwarding, helicopter services, real estate, trade and tourism.

He is also reputed to be the richest resident of the Åland Islands.

According to a local newspaper report, Anders Wicklow has previously been fined 63,680 Euros (1.93 million Pakistani Rupees) in 2018, while he was fined 95,000 Euros (2.88 million Pakistani Rupees) in 2015. what has happened

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