A 103-year-old Italian woman was caught driving in the middle of the night and without permission

A 103-year-old Italian woman was surprised steering wheel in the middle of the night, without insurance and with an expired driver’s license, police reported in a statement received by AFP on Thursday.

In the early hours of this Monday, police received a call alerting them to a vehicle traveling dangerously in the center of Bondeno, a town of 13,000 people near Ferrara in northern Italy.

The police patrol dispatched to the scene of the accident discovered the vehicle and, to their great surprise, discovered that the driver, Giuseppina Molinari, who was going to “meet some friends” in Bondeno, was born in 1920.

The old womanwho lives in the area and was traveling on a permit that had expired for two years, “became disoriented and continued to drive on the same roads,” police said.

In Italy, drivers aged 80 and over must undergo a medical examination every two years to renew their driving licence.

The old woman was fined and taken home by the police.

But the woman is not content to stay at home. “I will buy a Vespa or a motorcycle,” Giuseppina, nicknamed Giose, told local newspaper La Nuova Ferrara.

Until then, the single woman visits her friends by bike.

The story attracted the sympathy of Ferrara mayor Alan Fabbri, originally from Bondeno.

“I would give Giose a medal instead of a fine. “Having such inner strength is unusual and gives me hope for my own age!” he wrote on Facebook.


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