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7 Bangladeshis in Forbes list of successful young entrepreneurs

7 Bangladeshis in Forbes list of successful young entrepreneurs

The world-renowned American magazine Forbes publishes a list of potential young organizers, entrepreneurs and innovators every year. This year’s list of successful young Asian entrepreneurs has been published on the Forbes website, where 7 Bangladeshis have been placed.

300 candidates in 10 categories with 30 candidates each.30 under 30The list has been published, all of whom are under 30 years of age. There are seven Bangladeshis in the media, marketing and advertising, social impact and consumer technology categories in this list.

The media, marketing and advertising category of the list includes Rubaiyat Farhan and Tasfia Tasbin, co-founders of Marcopolo.AI. Marcopolo.ai offers digital marketing services for small and medium businesses. In 2022, the company received seven million US dollars investment from venture capital firm ‘Singapore VC’.

In the category of social impact is Jahnavi Rahman, the co-founder of Relaxy, Bangladesh. Relaxy provides support to Bangladeshi youth on a digital platform regarding mental health. More than 15 thousand people have downloaded the company’s app. In the same category there are two other youngsters from Bangladesh, they are Anwar Saif and Saraban Tahura, co-founders of Turtle Venture. Turtle Ventures provides capital support to local entrepreneurs. The company, which started working in 2018, has already worked with 90 enterprises and invested more than one and a half million US dollars in them.

In the consumer technology category, Aziz Arman, co-founder of vehicle technology services company Yatri, said,30 under 30‘ is on the list. Last year Dhaka Bus Owners Association agreed to introduce e-ticketing system and e-ticketing system was introduced in 5 thousand 650 buses through Yatri. In 2021, the company received an investment of 1.2 million dollars. Companies like Reflect Ventures, Brain-to-Free Ventures and SBK Tech Ventures have invested in it. A total investment of 5.2 million dollars is expected to be received from them.

Deepta Saha, co-founder of AgroShift Technologies, has been named this year’s ‘Forbes’ in the Consumer Technology category.30 under 30‘ is on the list. The company, launched last year, brings produce directly from farmers and sells it to consumers. Last year they won H&M’s ‘STITCE for RMG Global Innovation Challenge’. Agroshift received an investment of 1.8 million dollars from venture capital firms Shurak Partners and Anchorless Bangladesh last October.

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