46.05% of imports into the country correspond to consumer goods

Between January and April of this year, the volume of imports totaled US$9,533.02 million, reflecting an increase of 0.38%, in relation to the first four months of 2022.

When looking at non-oil imports, the volume growth is 3.94%, going from US$7,507.17 million in 2022 to US$7,803.32 million this year.

Of this total, 46.05% corresponds to consumer goods, 37.89% to raw materials,

while the remaining 16.06% to capital goods.

According to the statistics of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), consumer goods presented a growth of 2.06%, while raw materials fell 8.41% and capital goods increased 22.28%.

Of the US$7,682.67 million imported, 66.83% is concentrated in 10 tariff chapters:

mineral fuels, oils and minerals (22.46%), motor vehicles, tractors (10.37%), machines and mechanical devices (8.44%), machines, electrical devices (6.52%), foundry, iron and

steel (3.37%), pharmaceuticals (4.96%), plastic materials and their manufactures

(3.65%), cereals (2.76%), foundry, iron or steel manufactures (1.88%), and meat and

edible offal (2.42%).

The top 10 supplier countries of the Dominican Republic concentrate 76.36% of the total imported products, goods and services, and of these, 53.86% originate in two markets: the United States (38.35%) and China (15.51%).

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