3 crypto games where you can earn money

There are hundreds of crypto games available today that allow you to earn money while playing. However, this is often not entirely without risk, because you have to invest money yourself. In cases where this is not the case, the earnings are usually so low that it is even better to sit behind the cash register at Albert Heijn.

If you’re interested in making money with crypto games, you’ll have to pay attention. In this article we give three tips for games that you can earn with.


If you were born in the 1990s or before, you’ve probably heard of Tamagotchi. That is exactly what the Tamadoge game is based on. Players can mint their own NFT doge and then have to raise it from puppy to adult dog. Each doge has its own stats, character traits, strengths and weaknesses.

You can then go into battle with your Tamadoge and fight with other owners. The winners of this will receive the TAMA coin. You can then sell it on the market and earn money from it.

Axia Infinity

One of the most popular games in the crypto world is undoubtedly Axie Infinity. In this Pokemon-inspired game, players battle each other through creatures called Axies. These are NFTs that you can buy and sell in the game’s open marketplace. To play Axie Infinity you need at least three Axies.

While playing you can compete with other Axies, it is possible to trade and you can earn the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) cryptocurrency. The digital coin is mainly intended to pay for the creation of new Axies, but the coin can also be sold on an exchange.

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When we talk about crypto games, we can of course not ignore Decentraland. This virtual world, in which it is possible to buy and sell pieces of land, among other things, is the most popular game of all. To get started within Decentraland, it is important to build your own avatar. With that you can then go out into the world and discover what it has in store for you.

If you then want to buy land, you need MANA tokens, which you can buy from various exchanges. Every piece of land you buy, you get in the form of an NFT in your wallet. This is how Decentraland manages to sell every piece of land as a unique token.Within Decentraland you can also invest in stuff for your avatar with the MANA tokens. In addition, it is possible to buy houses and of course furniture and the like for your home. The possibilities are basically endless for this game.

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