Bitcoin Analyst PlanB Cautions of Growing Impatience in Stagnant Crypto Market

Well-known Dutch bitcoin analyst PlanB “loves this phase of the bull market.” He writes this in a post on social media platform X. According to the analyst, a clear division has arisen among traders and investors. His message has therefore provoked many reactions and discussions among his almost two million followers.

Bitcoiner PlanB on market sentiment: ‘2020 vibes’

In his recent post, PlanB states that he likes the current phase of the bull market. According to him, some people have become impatient and others even think the bull market is over. He compares this feeling to that of 2020, when a similar situation occurred. PlanB emphasizes the importance of patience when it comes to investing in bitcoin:

“I love this part of the bull market, where some people are getting impatient, and others even think the bull market is over, 2020 vibes #patience”

PlanB is often featured in the bitcoin news and is known for its bold price predictions, based on the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model. He has previously indicated that he expects bitcoin to reach the magical limit of $ 100,000 this year. For next year he predicts an even more spectacular increase: a “face melting FOMO top” of at least $300,000 by 2025. PlanB is a controversial figure within the crypto sector, partly because of its wild price predictions.

While these predictions already seem ambitious, PlanB explains that they are conservative compared to what its S2F model indicates. This model, which analyzes the scarcity of bitcoin in relation to the price, predicts an average price of no less than 500,000 dollars for the coming cycle.

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