The president of the Dominican Federation of Merchants (FDC), Iván García, reported that 25% of business employees are absent from work due to COVID.

He said that the commercial sector has been affected by the fact that workers do not have to present a positive test to report to work, but with a call they can notify that they have the virus or the flu.


Garcia, during a press conference, recommended that workers be required to have a medical certificate signed by a doctor because otherwise the cases of absenteeism in commerce will continue to increase.

He lamented that there are married couples who have had to take over their small businesses because their only six or seven workers have COVID.

He assured that there are already companies affiliated with the FDC with a labor absenteeism of 40%.


Since the end of December, a fifth wave of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has been registered in the country and according to the authorities, in addition to the Delta variant, the ochron also circulates and there is an identified case of Flurona.

lack of employees

The absence of workers due to the health situation that the world is going through has also impacted employment in large, medium and small Dominican companies.