2 world champions succumb to the exhibition of Fernando Alonso with Aston Martin

The Red Bull and Mercedes drivers show their great admiration for the Spaniard

In the last few hours, Lewis Hamilton warned that if Tom Brady and Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin have raced after the age of 40 he might as well. In addition, he is inspired by Brad Pitt’s movie character to think about racing in Formula 1 after that age.

And it is that when the Aston Martin driver, Fernando Alonso is happy, he does not stop generating scenes that brighten the lives of his fans and that attract attention within the world of Formula 1. This has also been said by Max Verstappen, praising the triumphs of the Asturian for his great successes.

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
Hamilton and Verstappen have praised Alonso’s season

With his arrival at Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso has managed to be more praised by his teammates

In Miami the Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso was able to see on the giant screens installed around the circuit the overtaking that Lance Stroll had just done over Alex Albon. Next asking his team engineer what position Lance was in, who had just made a good move.

Fernando was asked about this during the Miami Grand Prix press conference, which surprised Max Verstappen excessively and he couldn’t help but interrupt to add. “You are like a real time coach! Last race you were like ‘try my brake balance’… It’s very good,” Verstappen said.

Through a press conference, Hamilton’s relationship with the Oviedo man was revealed

He also values ​​Alonso’s performance this season, Hamilton, who does not know if the Spaniard will reach 50 in F1, but for now he wants to face him as has happened recently. “That is my case. I can’t speak for Fernando, but he is doing a great job. I look forward to more great fights“he added.

Finally, Verstappen and Alonso closed the intervention with laughter before a press room that acted in the same way. This action that does nothing more than reveal the good atmosphere that exists between both pilots. Which could also be seen in the ceremony prior to the podium, where they joked with each other.

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