2 LaLiga coaches Real Madrid are following to replace Ancelotti

It is no secret that Ancelotti will leave Real Madrid at the end of this season to take charge of the Brazilian national team, with which he will try to win a long-awaited sixth World Cup title.

After several seasons at the top Ancelotti is determined to go real Madrid in 2024. This is no secret as the club is aware that the Italian coach has been negotiating with the Brazilian federation for some time to become the next coach of the Canarinha. That’s why they know they’ll have to hire a new coach at the end of the season.

So far, Zinedine Zidane, Xabi Alonso and Raúl González Blanco have been the main favorites to take over the Madrid bank. Three coaches who were club players and proved to be technicians at the highest level. But we know that now Real Madrid have two other names that can replace Ancelotti.

Real Madrid have several names as Ancelotti's successor
Míchel is nominated as an option for the white bench

The two LaLiga coaches that Real Madrid are following as Ancelotti’s replacement

In addition to the three trainers mentioned, Real Madrid are also following two lower profile coaches. But even if their names are not as respected as the previous ones, they are top coaches who have shown in recent seasons that they are up to any challenge.

The first name on this list is Imanol Alguacil. The current Real Sociedad coach has been one of the best in LaLiga for years and plays a very attractive attacking game that produces results. That’s why Real Madrid have been pursuing him for several months in case they need to look for a new coach.

Míchel, the other alternative for the bank

Not least, Real Madrid also doesn’t let Míchel out of their sight. Girona FC’s current level has made him one of the hottest coaches in Europe and is characterized by the Catalan team’s attacking and colorful style of play. A style of play that is keeping them in the Champions League places for the time being.

And since Ancelotti will no longer stay at Real Madrid, Míchel and Imanol Alguacil are two of the options on the table. But they are not only on the table of the Madrid team, but also of other teams that compete in the Champions League and want to have two of the best coaches in European football today.

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