175 days of war in Gaza have passed, with attacks in the north, center and south of the enclave

The Israeli army confirmed attacks across the Gaza Strip this Friday, 175 days after the start of a war that has left more than 32,500 dead, at least 72% women and children, and starvation among a largely displaced civilian population.

Over the past day, dozens of Palestinian civilians have been killed or injured in a series of Israeli airstrikes in various areas of the enclave, local Palestinian and medical sources confirmed today.

The military siege of Shifa Hospital in the northern city of Gaza continues for the twelfth consecutive day and in the last 24 hours, Israeli troops killed militants in the area and located “weapons and terrorist infrastructure,” the military said in a statement.

According to information from the Hamas government in Gaza and images from the location, the area surrounding the hospital in the Al Rimal district has been bombed for days and entire residential areas have been reduced to rubble.

Last night, Israeli warplanes bombed residential buildings near Al-Wehda Tower in the Nasr district west of Gaza City and in the Tel al-Hawa district in the south of the city, causing “deaths and injuries.” “The Palestinian News.” The Wafa agency reported today.

“Israeli occupation forces also attacked a group of civilians south of Al Shati refugee camp in Gaza City, causing several injuries,” he added.

Israel says around 200 suspected militants have been killed in and around the area since the new attack on Al Shifa began on March 18, while nearly a thousand people have been arrested, including 513 linked to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad. A military spokesman confirmed this yesterday.

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Twelve civilians killed in house bombing

In the center of the Palestinian enclave today, the army also claimed to have killed an unknown number of militants and found “numerous rockets” and launchers that had been destroyed. It also said fighter jets had destroyed “a terrorist cell in a nearby complex.”

And in the south, in Khan Younis, where Israel began a ground invasion last December, at least 12 civilians were killed and more injured when Israeli warplanes attacked a home belonging to Muammar’s family, Gaza’s Health Ministry reported.

According to the army, troops in the southern areas of Al Amal and Al Qarara carried out “targeted attacks” against infrastructure and militants during clashes and airstrikes, the statement said, as well as seizing additional weapons and military equipment.

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