145 women prisoners escaped from the jail in a dramatic manner, the security guard was involved

Port-au-Prince: 145 female inmates escaped from a prison in Haiti, officials say, due to the stupidity of a security guard.

According to the details, 145 women prisoners managed to escape from the prison due to the stupidity of a security guard in Haiti, one policeman was killed and 3 people were injured in the incident.

The aforementioned prison is located in the town of Cabaret on the country’s west coast, on the northern outskirts of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

Preliminary findings of the investigation revealed that a guard had been fooled into opening the detention complex and that the number of guards during this time was extremely low, which allowed the inmates to escape.

The head of Haiti’s prison administration, Pierre RenĂ© Francois, further told the media that the total number of female prisoners in the prison was 230, of which 145 had escaped.

He said that out of 145 women prisoners who had escaped, 3 women prisoners were recaptured, during which one woman who was suffering from asthma died.

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