14 sperm whales died mysteriously, read the reason

14 sperm whales died mysteriously, read the reason

Sperm whales mysteriously died in Australia- India TV Hindi News

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sperm whales mysteriously died in Australia


  • 14 sperm whales mysteriously died in Australia
  • Their vomit is sold in crores
  • Cause of death not known

In Tasmania, Australia, 14 rare species of sperm whales mysteriously died simultaneously. When people came for a walk on the seashore on King Island here in the morning, they saw that many fish were lying dead on the shore together. However, the cause of his death is not yet known to the people. But scientists are engaged that by any means they can find out the cause of death of these fish. It is feared that the way these fish have died, it can happen even further. That’s why scientists are now keeping their eyes on every aspect.

what the experts say

So far, the clear reason for the death of these fish is not known, but according to the news published in the foreign media, the biologists there say that one of the main reasons behind this could be the sperm whale coming to the shore and getting stuck in shallow water. Biologists believe that these large fish must have come to the shore for hunting, but after the water descended, they got trapped in the shallow waters of the shore, after which they died.

sperm whale vomit

Sperm whale is a rare species of fish. Every part of its body is sold at high prices in the black market. This is the reason why these whales are being hunted illegally all over the world. At present, the number of these fish in the whole world is about three lakhs. Every part of the body part of these whale fish is sold, but the price of their vomit is also in lakhs and crores.

Why is vomiting so expensive?

Ambergris is also called floating gold or floating gold. Sperm whale’s vomit is sold in crores, ahead of this gold and diamond also become cheap. Ambergris is a waxy substance released from the intestines of the sperm whale. Experts of aquatic life call it the feces of whale fish. Experts say that there are many types of objects in the sea that whales swallow but are unable to digest, due to which they spew some such substances. These also include whale vomit. It is of gray colour. Cosmetic creams are made from its feces, which are sold very expensive.

The pharmaceutical companies also buy its feces in large quantities. Apart from this, companies making expensive perfumes also use feces in their products. Whale vomit has been in demand since time immemorial. Sex experts tell that it is used in making most sex related medicines. This is a rare and expensive thing. For which people are ready to give crores of rupees.

how much is it worth

If we talk about its price, then the price of 2 kg of ambergris in the international market is 2 crores. The accused, from whom the ambergris was confiscated, had 4 kg 120 grams. Ambergris is a French word. Ambergris is usually extracted from the stomach of a dead sperm whale.

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