10 cheap electric cars for sale in Portugal in 2022

Electric vehicles are changing the paradigm of the automobile market, with the main obstacle being price. That is why we have gathered the cheapest electric cars that you can buy in Portugal, from the low cost, to small utility companies.

They are on the market or about to arrive. These are the cheapest electric cars, sorted by price in Portugal. We also indicate the main characteristics of electrified vehicles, from motorization to range and maximum speed.

1. Volkswagen e-up! – from € 22,763

VW up
The e-Up! Volkswagen arrived in Portugal in January 2020.

Autonomy: 260 km
Capacity: 36.8 kWh
Consumption: 144 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 130 km / h

THE I p! Volkswagen is the cheapest electric car of the German brand, being also one of the cheapest in Portugal. It is a basic model, with simple lines and a very austere interior, but with a lot of space in the cabin.

For those looking for low-budget cars, the e-Up! it has the advantage of being electric and, for traveling within the city, it can be ideal. It has 4 seats, renewed optics and a familiar look, within the VW lines.

The e-Up! It will have in Skoda CITIGOe iV and SEAT Mii Electric, two “twin brothers” that will arrive in Portugal in 2020, but still without official price.

2. Smart EQ fortwo 2020 – from € 22,845

The latest generation of tiny inhabitants hit the market in 2020.

Autonomy: 133 km
Capacity: 17.6 kWh
Consumption: 161 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 130 km / h

Smart’s little citizen, the Equalizer fortwo 2020, It is one of the cars with the most beautiful interior, taking into account the use of space, as well as the implementation of various systems and technologies to support driving. It is modern and elegant.

It is one of the best budget small cars, available in various configurations, from the base model to the 2020 Fortwo Cabriolet that already includes the 22 kW fast charger, but is considerably more expensive.

3. Opel Corsa-e – from € 29,990

Corsa-e First Edition is available to order in Portugal.

Autonomy: 330 km
Capacity: 50 kWh
Consumption: 108 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 150 km / h

THE Corsa-e Opel is one of the cheapest electric cars on the market in 2020, with several new features. It shares several characteristics with the combustion version and pays great attention to the build quality and finish of the vehicle.

There is in this electric vehicle a great balance between comfort, convenience and quality of finishes, as well as a balanced autonomy for the city and beyond. It is one of the cars at a good price, although it is not necessarily cheap.

4. Peugeot iOn – from € 30,390

iOn, the four-door city dweller is one of Peugeot’s cheapest electric cars.

Autonomy: 150 km
Capacity: 16 kWh
Consumption: 125 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 150 km / h

Peugeot has in ion one of the cheapest electric cars in Portugal, with the original model to be presented in 2010 and since then it has already received some improvements. It is very similar to the C-Zero and iMiEV, both in body and performance.

It is designed for small trips within the city, for example, the daily commute between home and work. The interior is simple, with essential indicators, a well-used cabin and some attention to design and finishes.

5. Citroën C-Zero – from € 30,657

The Citroën city car is one of the most beautiful interior cars in its segment.

Autonomy: 150 km
Capacity: 16 kWh
Consumption: 125 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 130 km / h

THE C-Zero by Citroën is a compact, 100% electric, four-door city car suitable for small trips. The original version was introduced in 2010, with some updates since then. The highlight is the interior design.

Besides being quite customizable, Citroën pays attention to design, being one of the car brands that now emphasizes electric cars in Portugal. The vehicle is simple and functional, but the price is not exactly competitive.

6. Peugeot e-208 – from € 32,150

The Peugeot e-208 is its five-door, five-seater electric model.

Autonomy: 340 km
Capacity: 50 kWh
Consumption: 140 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 150 km / h

THE e-208 The French brand has three levels of superior equipment, being the most economical version of the Active electric car. The Allure, GT Line and GT versions include more and better equipment, but here the price already reaches € 37,650.

Among the new electric cars that will arrive in Portugal, this Peugeot has an attractive design, similar to other conventional vehicles, but with touches of sophistication in the interior, finishes and driver support technologies.

7. Renault Zoe – from € 33,210

The ZOE ZE 40 version is the cheapest from Renault, but without fast charging.

Autonomy (WLTP cycle): 300 km
Capacity (with battery): 41 kWh
Consumption (global): 178 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 135 km / h

THE Zoe ZE 40Without fast charging, it is the cheapest Renault electric car you can buy in Portugal. In fact, in the Flex version it is possible to rent the battery for € 69 / month, according to the contract, but lowering the price of the electric car to € 27,410.

While not one of the most beautiful cars with an interior, the new Zoe has been updated and is more attractive and modern. In fact, its minimalist lines can be ideal for those looking for a simple cabin, but with essential controls.

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8. Nissan Leaf – from € 34,900

The 40kWh battery version of the Nissan Leaf was updated in 2019

Autonomy: 270 km
Capacity: 40 kWh
Consumption: 152 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 144 kilometers per hour

the nissan leaf It is a family vehicle with five doors and it is also one of the most popular trams in Portugal. The 40 kWh battery version is the entry-level option, being relatively inexpensive for the segment and for the electric car sector.

The car has a modern design, not too daring, with a well-used cabin and a familiar center console. It has several driver assistance technologies and is good value for money in 2022.

9. Hyundai Ioniq Electric – from € 39,975

Hyundai’s 100% electric saloon is one of the best electric cars.

Autonomy: 280 km
Capacity: 30.5 kWh
Consumption: 115 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 166 km / h

For those looking for € 40,000 cars we recommend the Electric ionic Hyundai as one of the best electric vehicles on the market in Portugal. Although the battery capacity is somewhat reduced, the car is very efficient and has a good range.

The Asian design is complemented by the interior packed with controls that populate the cabin and center console. It’s quite spacious, with various driver assistance technologies, and is good value for money in 2022.

10. Kia E-SOUL – from € 43,000

The electric version of the Kia Soul replaces the Soul EV launched in 2017.

Autonomy: 452 km
Capacity: 67.1 kWh
Consumption: 157 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 167 km / h

THE E-SOUL da Kia is ideal for those looking for cars from € 40,000, especially due to the great autonomy and price / quality ratio in Portugal. The manufacturer has been carrying out promotional campaigns where it considerably reduces the price of the car.

It is a 100% electric vehicle, with space for the family, medium luggage and good finishes. The interior has futuristic touches, with a large center console, with great attention paid to driver comfort.

There are more cheap electric cars on the market.

Citroën Ami – from € 6,900

Citroën’s Ami will be available online in the third quarter of 2020.

Autonomy: 70 km
Capacity: 5.5 kWh
Consumption: unknown
Maximum speed: 45 km / h

THE To me by Citroen is an ultra-compact two-seater electric car, created to change the paradigm of transport within cities, as well as the price of electric cars. In fact, this will be the cheapest electric car to hit the market in 2020.

the electric car under-cost It will be marketed online, with home delivery. Zero emissions and rechargeable at home in 3 hours (0-100%). In France, the ami will be available in monthly installments of € 19.99, with an initial payment of € 2,644.

In truth, it is not a “car”, but an electric quad that, as such, does not require a driver’s license. It can be driven by people over 16 years of age and its cabin is extremely simple, reduced to what is strictly necessary.

Dacia Spring Electric – possibly less than € 21,000

Dacia’s Spring Electric should arrive in Portugal in 2021.

Autonomy: 200 km
Capacity: 52 kWh
Consumption: unknown
Maximum speed: unknown

THE Electric spring Dacia is one of the best low cost electric cars on the market in 2022. According to the brand, it will be the cheapest electric car in Europe, something that would place it below € 21,000 for electric CITIGOe iV and Mii.

There is still no official date for its arrival on the market, despite the fact that the brand has indicated 2021 as a milestone. Until then, we know that it will be a city car despite the SUV look, 100% electric, with a daring design.

Skoda CITIGOe iV – possibly from € 21,000

The Skoda CITIGOe iV should arrive in Portugal in 2020.

Autonomy: 260 km
Capacity: 36.8 kWh
Consumption: 144 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 130 kilometers per hour

THE CITIGOe IV from Skoda, introduced in 2019, has a generous battery for the possible price in Portugal. The build and design will be very identical to its Seat and WV siblings, with some color notes and branding options.

It is expected to begin shipping in mid-2020, ranking as one of the best inexpensive small cars, already 100% electric. For now, however, the listed price is a mere estimate.

Electric Seat Mii – possibly from € 21,000

Seat’s electric Mii should arrive in Portugal in 2020.

Autonomy: 260 km
Capacity: 36.8 kWh
Consumption: 144 Wh / km
Maximum speed: 130 kilometers per hour

Seat is one of the most popular car brands in Portugal and with the mii electric can help cement the electricity in our market. It was introduced in May 2019 and is expected to begin reaching consumers in mid-2020.

It is a cheap electric car, with a price estimate capable of causing a sensation in Portugal. It has good battery capacity for the segment, being quite compact and suitable for urban trips.

If you are an enthusiast of electrified vehicles, discover the list of electric cars with more autonomy today. Also, take a look at the selection of the best electric cars, these are machines that you will want to have!

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