Zac Taylor, coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, dissatisfied with the adjustments for the NFL playoffs, after the game was canceled

The head coach of the cincinnati bengals, zac taylorhas noted his dissatisfaction with the decisions of the nfl about the scenarios you will have in the playoffs.

This after the cancellation of the Monday Night Football last week, in which they faced the buffalo bills; in which damar hamlin suffered a collapse and a heart attack in the countryside.

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“As far as I’m concerned, we just want the rules to be followed”Zac Taylor mentioned.

Referring to the existing rules, on the winning percentage determining conference seedingthe playoff matchups, and the home venue for those games.

Yesterday the NFL announced the official cancellation of the game and the changes in the location of the games of playoffs that involve the cincinnati bengals and the buffalo bills.

The changes have already been voted on by the team owners.

“These are missed opportunities for us. We had control and now we don’t. There are positives for many teams and negatives for us,” Taylor continued.

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those of cincinnati they would lose the game playoffs at home, this despite having been named champions of the AFC North.

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“What we have ahead of us is to win this weekend and recover the opportunity of a game at home”finished the coach.

If the Baltimore Ravens beat the Bengals on the week 18 and are scheduled to play in the wild card round among them, the location determined by the toss of a coin.

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