Home Sports Yan Couto shocks Girona FC: He will leave in 2024

Yan Couto shocks Girona FC: He will leave in 2024

Manchester City are impressed by the performance of some players

Based on what has become known in the last few hours, Savio, the young 19-year-old winger On loan from French club Troyes to Girona, he was also a revelation this season Brazilian defender Yan Couto, who is on the radar the English leaders.

But Manchester City’s attention isn’t just limited to Savio. Brazilian defender Yan Couto, who was loaned to Girona from City, is also attracting attention the English leaders. In his third season at Girona, Couto stood out for his versatility in both defense and midfield.

Girona FC could lose Yan Couto
Girona’s other Brazilian star could also leave

Yan Couto’s high level is causing Girona a lot of concern

And the sensation of the LaLiga season has not only captivated fans, but also caught the attention of important European clubs. In particular, Manchester City have two outstanding Girona players in their sightswho leads the LaLiga table with an impressive performance.

In this way, Manchester City, part of the City group that also includes Girona, He is impressed by the performance of both players. Savio and Couto have become key figures in Girona’s success this season, which has sparked City’s interest in potentially including them in future signings.

The future of the two Brazilians will only be known next season.

With Girona leading LaLiga and its young talent shining, The attention from elite clubs like Manchester City underlines the impact that the humble Spanish club appears on the European stage. Without a doubt, a situation that makes all fans of the Spanish club think.

Finally the question It remains unclear whether Savio and Couto will continue their rise in European football with the support of a giant like Manchester City or if, on the contrary, they continue another season in their current team. A question that brings with it great expectations.

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