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Xavi begs Messi for a favor to put FC Barcelona back in order: January 2024

The FC Barcelona coach asks the Argentine star for an important favor for the next winter market

Xavi Hernández’s plans At FC Barcelona it could be that he crosses paths with Leo Messi again. Basically because the Barça coach knows very well what has happened in the last two years. The fall in the first phase of the Champions League cannot be repeated. Movement is essential for this.

In addition to Ter Stegen, Sergi is Roberto Xavi’s remaining former teammate. Ter Stegen is the undisputed starter and a reference. For Sergi Roberto, however, doubts are inevitable. Xavi wants him to leave FC Barcelona, ​​which is why he contacted Messi directly.

Sergi Roberto
Sergi Roberto can leave in January

Xavi wants to strengthen FC Barcelona with the help of Messi

Xavi was sincere from day one. Piqué was told with the emergence of Araujo and the signings of Koundé and Christensen that it would be very difficult for him to get minutes. Gerard Piqué himself admitted the challenge and said that they should sign the best, that nothing would change. The reality was different.

There was also a conversation with Sergi Roberto. It was supposed to be renewed at the end to complete the squad, but the target was Joao Cancelo. It was like this. Now, with the very favorable Champions League group, Xavi’s obsession is intensified in January. And for that you need to release tokens. If there are departures, Vitor Roque and a pivot will arrive.

They want Messi to recruit Sergi Roberto

All eyes are on the same place: a Sergi Roberto, who paradoxically makes his debut as captain this season. Well, he was already captain, but now he’s the starter. Well then, After long seasons without a good full-back in the team, Joao Cancelo has arrived. One of the best in the world.

The idea is that Cancelo plays almost everything and when the Portuguese is missing he will rely on Koundé. Sergi Roberto has no space or minutes and this is where the figure of Leo Messi comes into play. Xavi wants both Messi, Busquets and Jordi Alba to ask Miami to sign Sergi Roberto. A goal that the current Barcelona captain will surely be excited about.

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