Why is Ravindra Jadeja, the multipurpose star of the India team, drinking ‘beedi’? You will be surprised to know the reason

Ravindra Jadeja, the all-round star of the India team, sometimes makes headlines with her brilliant performance on the cricket field and sometimes becomes a social media sensation with her tremendous photos. Now Jadeja has shared such a photo on social networks, which has created panic. This photo is becoming more and more viral and everyone wants to know why Jadeja has published such a photo.

Ravindra Jadeja has shared a photo on Instagram and Twitter, in which he is seen smoking a bidi. Along with this, he has also written a caption, in which he has described smoking as harmful to health. Apart from this, it is also written that he does not admit any kind of smoking and that he has used bidi only for photos. This photo is becoming more and more viral on social media and people are giving different kinds of reactions.

Recently the Telugu film ‘Pushpa- The Rise’ was released, in which actor Allu Arjun played the title role. In one scene of this film the actor is seen smoking a beedi, which has been copied by Ravindra Jadeja. Even before this, he copied a dialogue from this movie and shared the video on Instagram. He has liked this movie very much and that is why he constantly expresses his reaction to it.

Ravindra Jadeja is currently out of the India team due to injury and is receiving treatment at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. He is expected to be seen on the cricket field soon. Jadeja is very active on social media and continues to share photos for her fans.

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