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“What the angel wants is final”

There are many rumors about the married life of the country’s popular actress Parimony and actor Shariful Raj. After the marriage of this couple in October 2021, a son came to their family. After that, before the completion of two years of the wedding anniversary, the news of their separation spread several times. Recently, Sunerah-Tisha-Raj’s videos have become hot once again.

At what stage is Raj’s relationship with Parimani, there are regular questions about this. However, Parimoni said that her husband Raj has not been home for more than 10 days. He even said that he does not understand whether it is a sign of separation or not.


Meanwhile, Shariful Raj opened up about his relationship with Parimoni in a press on Thursday.

When asked about the relationship with Parimoni in that interview, he said that Chayanika Chowdhury and Gias Uddin Salim can tell at what stage or whether their relationship will last or not.

Raj requested the journalists to talk to them. When asked to comment on not being with Pari, Raj said that knowing Pari’s decision is more important than his decision. It is necessary to know what the money wants.

What Pari wants is final. If you want to stay, stay, if you don’t want, divorce. Actor Raj did not answer the question whether the videos were spread by Soonerah or Parimoni.

Earlier he told the media that these videos were about five years ago. Sunerah and Tisha are his common friends.

They are very good friends, nothing more. After the video leak, actress Sunerah claimed that Raj’s ID was hacked. But actor Raj said that his ID was not hacked. The posts from his Facebook ID were not from his ID. But this actor does not understand anything about what is happening. But Raj is trying to find the matter.

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