Home Entertainment “We have to be careful…,” AR Rahman said about AI technology

“We have to be careful…,” AR Rahman said about AI technology

“We have to be careful...,” AR Rahman said about AI technology

AR Rahman had recreated the voices of two late singers for the song Thimiri Yejuda from Rajinikanth’s film Laal Salaam. Using AI technology, he had recreated the voices of late singers Bamba Bakya and Shahul Hameed. Additionally, the actor spoke about AI technology and how it needs to be used with great care.

Speaking to India Today at the music launch event of ‘The Goat Life’, AR Rahman said, “I think AI can also be used for upliftment.” All the generational curses we have can be eradicated and we can help the poor help and train and promote leaders in the areas of art and science. Now that they have the tools, they don’t have to spend many years learning.

AR Rahman further expressed doubts about AI that it could take away jobs. Singer gave his opinion on the matter, saying, “I think the best way to use it to our advantage is not to fire people, but to improve their lives.”

Singer said: “As a leader, as an employee, sometimes we have to be very, very careful that no one loses their job.” We should use it in such a way that we can fill the shortage of things that require time. AR Rahman then said, “If you create something in art too, then imagine that the journey is now very easy and you can take it to another level, we should use it as a way to take things forward and give them To give speed.” Must be used as a tool.

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