Home Business Water scarcity does not stop informal washing operations

Water scarcity does not stop informal washing operations

Escasez de agua no detiene operaciones de lavadores informales

In spite of the shortage in water supply caused by the severe drought that is plaguing the country, the activities that require large amounts of the precious liquid do not stop and continue to operate normally.

A palpable example of the lack of awareness regarding the issue is the informal laundry rooms installed on different sidewalks of busy avenues in this capital.

During a tour of the city exhausted by a team from this medium last Sunday, it was possible to observe how the so-called “washers”, with bucket and hose in hand used water excessively to clean vehicles that they came there

Santo Domingo East
The municipality of Santo Domingo This was the demarcation where it was possible to visualize the largest number of irregular laundries, reaching more than ten washing points in just one blockall without regulation in some.

In the Villa Duarte sector, specifically around the Columbus Lighthouse, some washers supplied the scarce fluid from a water tank-type plastic tank, while others acquired it from taps in the surrounding houses.

National District
The scene was repeated in other sectors such as Cristo Rey, National District where the people dedicated to this activity approached us defiantly.

There we consulted one of the washers who told us that the car cleaning service is around between 250 and 500 pesosdepending on the size of the vehicle or the complexity of the wash.

In this jurisdiction, as in the one mentioned above, no regulation was seen from the corresponding authorities to avoid the inappropriate use of water, despite what was stated by the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (Caasd)which last Thursday assured that it would regulate the use of the liquid in formal and informal car washes.

Provision not complied with
The situation also denotes the lack of awareness of this sector that does not care about implementing a special measure or mechanism that adapts to the scarcity that the country is going through.

Meanwhile, the population is waiting for the end of the drought that could extend until the month of May and the aquifer supplies rise.

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