Vijay Mallya shared a photo with Chris Gayle Gayle, trolled by social media users.

An image of legendary cricketer Chris Gayle is going increasingly viral on social media today. In this picture, he is seen with fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya. Former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) owner Vijay Mallya has shared a photo with Gayle on social media. Since then, Mallya and Gayle have been trolled on social media. Mallya has described Gayle as his good friend in the post.

Mallya wrote in her tweet: Great meeting with my good friend Christopher Henry Gayle, Universe Boss. We have a very good ‘Super Friendship’ since I bought it for the RCB team. The best purchase a player has made.

More than 63 thousand likes and many comments have come to this tweet by Vijay Mallya. Social media users are trolling both. Apart from this, this tweet has also been retweeted more than 2800. In this Mallya post, a user wrote, why brother Gail, you also have to run away after looting? At the same time, another user wrote: Today is not even a bank holiday.

One social media user wrote on this image: Sir, sometimes you also remember your other SBI friend. Worried about your memory. Another user wrote: if you have to run, then run in the Olympics, this will be the name of India, what is the meaning of running like this? At the same time, the third user wrote: come home and return the money, you are not even embarrassed, you are sitting with money.

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