VIDEO: Man attacks 10 women on Barcelona subway; The police release him

In an alarming incident, a man He was arrested after attacking at least ten women in the Barcelona subway. He was later released.

According to police reports, one of the attacks occurred at the Camp de l’Arpa station on line 5 of the Barcelona metro, where the person attacked the women, six of them on the platform, for no apparent reason.

In the video, which has gone viral on social media, the man can be seen walking in a straight line down a train platform. As he passes by, he insults and attacks two seated women. He is later seen running and hitting a young woman dressed in black, who falls to the ground after the impact.

Catalan police have indicated that this action could mean charges against them Sexism, hate crimes. The station’s security officers managed to detain the attacker, who was identified by the Mossos upon his arrival. However, he was initially released at this point No serious injuries were reported among the victims.

Mayor David Sánchez, deputy head of the General Information Commissioner of the Mossos, explained that an investigation was opened after receiving the medical report indicating a serious injury to one of the women and knowledge of the attacker’s history of small robberies and thefts led to his arrest.

During the trial, police accessed the images taken at the train station At least ten attacks on women were identified, six of them on the train platform.

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Police urged victims to file a report to assess the extent of their injuries and urged them to contact the appropriate police station.

This incident has caused concern in the community and highlights the importance Combating gender-based violence in public places such as the subway in Spain and Cataloniaand the need to take measures to ensure the safety of all passengers.


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