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Vanesa Martín confesses all her “Pleasures and Sins” in her first time in the Dominican Republic

Vanesa Martín confesses all her "Pleasures and Sins" in her first time in the Dominican Republic

And there was plenty of love. She left over art, left over music and left over words in the first concert of the Spanish Vanesa Martín in the Dominican Republic.

the night of Saturday at the Eduardo Brito National Theater nothing was needed when at the mark of 8:50 of the night the curtain was opened that opened the way to a magical riot of intense emotions in the second concert of the tour “Pleasures and Sins”this time in Dominican waters.

The repertoire of more than 20 songs by the singer-songwriter from Malaga started with “Frenar enero” and he left an open space for the confessions of the dozens of pleasures and sins that, in an effort to enjoy their luck, occupied the chairs of the Manuel Rueda Room.

“I invite you to sing, to dance, to feel the music running through your stories, your experiences, your pleasures and your sins. Welcome”Martín established seconds after having sung “Nunca me conocido”, from his fifth studio album, Munay.

Ideal and luminous, as smooth as silk, this was the entrance on the scene of “Better than you said” and, precisely at 9:05, the “Dynamite”, which in an ideal contrast with our Caribbean climate brought the complaint of the rise in temperature.

“How hot Santo Domingo!”he expressed in taking a monologue caused by a fan giving him a window… “Ma’am, I carry you in my heart forever,” he told her as he fanned himself.

With a “Magnet” “Inventas” was attracted and it turned out that “Of all the women who live in Vanesa, there are some that he does know” from the difficult adventure that was to live “When you were not there”.

Between song and song, repeated and humorous interactions with the public, the handshake of Vanesa Martín to her faithful companion, the guitar, and the introduction of melodies on the piano, throughout the night the promise of a speedy return to the country was felt present.

The public was euphoric, with demonstrations that left implicit the desire that there was in the country of their arrival, there were those who did not sit down for the full recital and from the first to the last piece she sang accompanied.

“Don’t Save Me” was at 9:22 and “If You Could,” in collaboration with sibling duo Jesse and Joy, appeared at 9:27 with an overflow of love between a fascinated audience and an artist delighted by the wonderful scoop to be received in a distant land as if it were their own.

“You have lost who I am” in “9 Days”, was a double declaration between 9:31 and 9:40 at night that heralded the arrival of an “Eternal Summer”.

“I have not known how to love you… Take away your haste and nerve, Leave you in a semicolon, More than a few hours”, the attendees chanted in unison with “Semicolon”from the new album.

“From your eyes” He left an interlude for the artist to return to the scene with a new wardrobe and the promise of reading a tenth written in an exclusive dedication for those who acclaimed him in the country, foreshadowing once again that he would return to Dominican lands soon.

In love with the Dominican Republic

“Complicity”with the Colombian Manuel Medrano, and “March”they left her reciting the tributary of love that in several days that she had been wandering around the Dominican Republic she decided to capture on paper.

I’m sorry I’m late today

island of love and contrast

in my heart you left

an already forced return.

This poetry that I have dreamed,

brought me a generous evil,

where the mysterious pleasure,

sin And Memory Sign,

mixing our history,

telling something glorious

I have no desire or coins,

to return love,

sometimes I wear a bra

and I sing in case you get tangled up.

I hope you grant me the time that separates us,

life is fleeting and rare

but at times he consents to us,

I stay with whoever sits and talks to me face to face.

Dominican I already feel that I returned to Santo Domingo, not to play or to see bingo but to the theater, I am not lying.

If I tell you about myself again what happens to anyone, it’s ugly that I didn’t do what you demanded of me, in paradise they walk, but the soul is on the outside “he declaimed between cheers.

A potpourri between “Polvo de Mariposas”, “Arráncame”, “Toscana”, “My loving friend” and without much blah blah blah, “Who’d say”.

“Algebra” at 10:31, “I couldn’t hold you back” at 10:41 and the surprise of assuming that those who accompanied her knew even the most recent of her songs.

After two hours of concert “Y vuelo”, she was in charge of initiating a closing of applause and emotions on the surface in an audience that, although it did not occupy all the seats, did not stop crying out for the rumble of “90 minutes”.

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