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Valencia CF wants to leave Betis without Luiz Felipe

From the che team they want to surprise the Verdiblancos

The Valencia CF is one of the teams that have set goals in Luiz felipe, a player who is close to ending his bond with the Lazio. This situation is what has caused many squads to be aware to try to get their services. In that order of ideas, those of Bordalás they want to get ahead of Pellegrini’s.

Let us remember that the central defender is only six months away from being free agent and for that reason it has won a lot of poster. That’s where the Real Betis He wants to make a transfer that is necessary, since for some time they have wanted to have a player in that demarcation, who shows quality.

Luiz felipe
Luiz Felipe, the favorite for the defense of Betis, although he has also entered Valencia’s plans

Luiz Felipe would imminently arrive in Spain

Despite the fact that Luiz Felipe has not played in LaLiga Santander, he is the target of several teams in Spain. His conditions and youth make him a cash that can have some projection and according to this it is that Valencia CF wants to fight and get in the way of its rivals.

Of course, despite the fact that both Betis and Valencia CF are following in the defender’s footsteps, they will have a heavy weight on the road. It is about FC Barcelona that also values ​​the signing of the Brazilian player, although first they will have to determine the progress of one of their outstanding discards.

The central defender wants to win minutes in LaLiga Santander

Luiz Felipe has great qualities, which make him a top signing. He is strong in the passing game and in addition, he can combine his style with the other defender that they put next to him. His performance in Serie A in Italy has put him on the agenda of several transalpine clubs, but he prefers to go to Spain.

We will have to wait then for what can happen to the future of a player who wants a change of scenery. Trying your luck in the Spanish First Division would be a real bet for Betis or for Valencia, but both teams are willing to do everything possible for their arrival.

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