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Valencia CF Guillamón conquers Baraja to not leave Valencia CF Laura Rangel – December 24, 2023 – 10:00 p.m

Hugo Guillamón will become an essential element in Valencia CF’s midfield alongside Pepelu

Hugo Guillamón has once again become a key figure in Valencia CF’s midfield. Under the leadership of Rubén Baraja, Guillamón started in consecutive games against Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano, scoring four important points for the team. His ability to balance the midzone was vitalparticularly in the absence of Javi Guerra, sanctioned.

Guillamón, who forms an effective duo with Pepelu, was crucial to maintaining tactical order and defensive balance. With Guillamón on the field, Barajas Valencia is more stable in midfield and is preparing for a promising second half of the 2024 league.

Guillamon Baraja
Although he didn’t shine as much as he did in his game against Barcelona, ​​his tactical and defensive contribution was crucial.

Guillamón’s tactical influence and versatility

His presence has helped the team reduce Rayo Vallecano’s attacks and play an essential role in defense and in building counterattacks. Guillamón’s work was crucial to Baraja’s plan. Not only did he shine in defensive support and distribution of play, he also showed his quality in long passes and intercepting balls.

These characteristics have allowed the team to better adapt to the circumstances of the game and provide greater security in the rearguard and more fluid attack. Guillamón’s ability to adapt to different roles in midfield gives Baraja valuable tactical flexibility.

Guillamón: a rising talent at Valencia CF

His partnership with Pepelu has proven effective, Valencia offers a solid basis to explore different attack strategies. This versatility will be crucial to the challenges the team faces in the second half of the season. Hugo Guillamón’s development this season has been remarkable.

His development as a player has strengthened the team and proven to be a valuable asset to Valencia CF’s future. As the team continues its fight in the league, Guillamón’s contribution will be crucial to achieving its goals and aspirations. Hugo Guillamón is cementing himself as a key player in Valencia CF’s midfield, providing stability and versatility under the guidance of Rubén Baraja.

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