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Valdez Albizu says at the CMCA that 2023 is a year of challenges

Valdez Albizu dice en el CMCA que 2023 es un año de retos

The Governor of the Central Bank (BCRD), Héctor Valdez Albizu, pointed out that 2023 constitutes a year of challenges and challenges because, after the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the inflationary impact associated with the war between Russia and Ukraine, the The world is facing new financial turmoil caused by the bankruptcy of two US banks, Silicon Valley and Signature, aimed at financing technology entrepreneurship businesses and investments in cryptocurrencies and virtual assets, respectively.

Regarding the panorama of the Dominican financial system in light of the recent turmoil in international financial markets, he stressed that there is no direct interaction between international entities involved in bankruptcy and domestic entities.

Valdez Albizu chaired the 297th Meeting of the Central American Monetary Council (CMCA), held hybridly on March 23 and 24, where the presidents of the central banks of the Central American region met, as well as international experts from member countries. of Council.

The words of welcome were given by Ovidio Reyes Ramírez, President of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, and Héctor Valdez Albizu.

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