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Undrafted Kings League Players: The Best Bargain Finds

Kings League discards that become 'bargains' for the next draft

After the Kings World Cup, teams in the Kings League are already thinking about the next draft, where they can strengthen their squads. This is due to discards, as each club has announced which three footballers will not continue. Among the 36 discarded players, some surprises can be found, but those who remain in the draft bag can end up on another team like “repescados” if they are selected.

From BRAND Gaming, we want to highlight some footballers who have already demonstrated their good level in this format and could be great reinforcements for other teams. In fact, the list could include players such as Sergi Cabré or Bernat Rovira, but they have confirmed they are not staying in the Kings League.

As we focus on players with a more offensive profile, we don’t want to forget about guarantee goalkeepers like Nacho Berché, Iván Fajardo, or Eloy Amoedo, who have been discarded and will see if they want to continue being part of the project. Eloy has confirmed he is ending his stage in the Kings League.

Next, we’ll look at Feliu Torrus, nicknamed “the Lion King” in Ultimate Móstoles, who became the captain of the team DjMaRiiO. One of his best stages was in the Kings Cup, where he proved to be a decisive player both in attack and defense.

Another player who has stood out is Jero Martin, the offensive leader of Saiyans, who has scored 7 goals and given 2 assists in 11 games. He has become a specialist in dice and scaled starts, and TheGrefg commented that he would have a more secondary role.

Joan Poch, although he may not have his best scoring records in Rayo, has a great scoring instinct and already showed it in the first two splits with xBuyer Team and Saiyans. In a team that knows how to take advantage of his potential, he could contribute a lot on an offensive level.

Lastly, we have John de la Cruz, who stands out for his good individual offensive actions and wants to demonstrate his potential. In 1K improvement has been seen regarding his level in PIO, and some team could reinforce its attack with a footballer who shows a great physical display.

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