UAE bans Indian wheat exports

UAE bans Indian wheat exports

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates has banned the export of Indian wheat for 4 months, all documents will have to be submitted to export the existing wheat.

According to international media reports, the UAE Ministry of Economy has issued a decision to suspend wheat exports to India for four months.

The UAE Ministry of Economy has said that the export and re-export of Indian wheat and flour is being suspended for four months, the decision will apply to all types of wheat. Both flour export and re-export will be banned.

The ministry said companies that imported Indian wheat before May 13, 2022 and now want to export or re-export it could seek permission for it, but would have to provide all documentary evidence.

Exporting or re-exporting Indian wheat products and flour will also require formal permission and submission of all documentary evidence.

The permit will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue, the application will be submitted on the official website of the Ministry and may also be submitted directly.

The ministry said the decision was made in light of global changes affecting business activities.