Home Entertainment Two cases of violence involve urban Dominicans

Two cases of violence involve urban Dominicans

Two cases of violence involve urban Dominicans

Two judicial cases that involve urban centers the attention of show business in recent days. El Mayor and Dilon Baby, separately, faced difficult situations on Thursday that involved very close relatives.

The Public Ministry requested this Thursday the imposition of three months of preventive detention against Carolina Tamayo, involved in physical aggression against his sentimental partner the exponent of the urban genre Emmanuel Reyes, known as “El Mayor Clásico”.

Tamayo, who was arrested by court order during a search carried out on Thursday at her residence located in Santo Domingo Este, after 5:30 in the morning, was brought to justice in this jurisdiction. for physically assaulting his partner with a sharp object.

The artist had minimized the situation and attributed it to normal couple issues.

“It was not something extremely serious, these are things that happen to couples, because let’s say nobody wants to have a problem in their relationship, in a relationship as strong as the one we have had; these are things that happen, we are looking for professional help to overcome the inconveniences”, explained the interpreter last Monday in the program “Alofoke Radio Show”.

The Public Ministry deposited in the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of Santo Domingo Este the instance with the request for a measure of coercion and It is waiting for the date on which the hearing will be known to be set.

He said that in this case preventive detention should be imposed, as a measure of coercion, to guarantee his presence in the process for the accused act.


In the case of Dilon Baby, the Court of Permanent Attention of Santo Domingo Oeste ordered three months of pretrial detention as a measure of coercion against Steven Diloné Serrata, his real name, accused of physical violence against his mother, Carolina Serrata García.

Judge Reyes Rodríguez ordered that the defendant complies with the measure at the Najayo-Hombres Correction and Rehabilitation Center, of San Cristobal.

The court made the decision by accepting a request for preventive detention, as a measure of coercion, presented by prosecutors of the Comprehensive Care Unit for Gender Violence of that jurisdiction.

Both the mother and the grandmother of the interpreter They assured that the young man never physically mistreated them, and that the incident in question was simply a misunderstanding with some of the young man’s friends.

“What happened was about three months ago, I reported it and they put a restraining order on him, after that he came to my normal house, everything was normal. He never put his hand on me, ”said Carolina Serrata García, reiterating that the incident in question was a misunderstanding.

Dilon Baby was arrested at dawn last Tuesday when he was preparing to sing in a nightclub in Baní, Peravia province.

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