Home Business Time use survey seeks to make unpaid work visible

Time use survey seeks to make unpaid work visible

Time use survey seeks to make unpaid work visible

He Work done by people at home is not accounted for as productive work whose contribution to the economy is highly significant, however, in countries like Mexico, studies have revealed that these jobs come to represent up to 24% of their gross domestic product (GDP).

In the Dominican Republic, The National Statistics Office (ONE) is preparing for the application of the Time Use Survey for 2024supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The IDB consultant, Maria Eugenia Gómez, explained to Listín Diario that This measurement will make it possible to determine the time spent by people, especially women, in unpaid work and what in economic matters this represents for the development of the country.

“What this survey is going to tell us, among other things, is that those services that are carried out at home, from domestic work to care, are activities that should have the connotation of an economic goodbecause they help meet the needs of the home”, explains the specialist, adding that without this work, many other jobs would not have a livelihood.

“Pedro Juarez, to give a name, went to work with a clean shirt, had breakfast (…) because someone washed his shirt, someone made the food and that allows him to go to work calmly, which benefits his work in the labor market”, says the expert, who points out that Unpaid work is regularly carried out by women without society valuing the economic contribution that their work represents.

He explained that studies show that women work 3.5 hours more than men and their work tends to be less valued.

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