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Thunderbolts: Marvel suspends production indefinitely

Thunderbolts © Marvel Studios

The production of Thunderbolts will not take place in three weeks in Atlanta, as expected, Marvel Studios has interrupted the filming of the film.

According to Deadline, Marvel has officially halted all production on the film due to begin at the end of June in Atlanta. Production on Thunderbolts will not begin until after the writers’ strike ends. This decision is in addition to several other Marvel projects that have been delayed due to this same strike. Previously, pre-production on Blade was halted, along with production on the Wonder Man series, which was being filmed in Los Angeles.

The release date of Thunderbolts has not yet been officially postponed. The movie was previously scheduled for July 24, 2024, and is still planned for. However, that date could easily be passed depending on how long the WGA strike lasts.

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