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This is the possible setlist for Keane’s concerts in Mexico

What you need to know:

Keane will return to Mexico to celebrate 20 years of “Hopes and Fears” with three concerts. Check out the setlist you could play here.

In 2024, Keane will celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the key albums of his career with great fanfare: Yes, we’re talking about the spectacular Hopes and fears, her debut album. Without this plaque, the British band would definitely not have been the same (here we tell you about it). That’s why we celebrate as it befits, They will return to Mexico to perform a series of very special concerts.

As you will recall, it was in 2019 and after a seven-year absence The group consisting of Tom Chaplin, Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin returned to our country to lead the Corona Capitalwhich gave us one of the most emotional and memorable presentations of this edition (you can read the review of this great show on this page).

Keane releases unreleased song (which was supposed to appear in the film Love Actually)
Keane celebrates two decades of one of his masterpieces/Facebook photo of the band

Keane will return to Mexico to celebrate 20 years of “Hopes and Fears”.

But almost four years after his last visit to Mexico, in early September 2023, Keane confirmed via his social media that they will be putting together a small tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary Hopes and fears. And to our surprise, this tour not only goes through Aztec lands, but also starts on this side of the pond.

At that time they announced two shows, on April 1 at the CDMX Sports Palace and on April 3 at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara (which sold out within minutes). But with the unveiling of the 2024 Tecate Pa’l Norte range, we’ve learned that Brits will also celebrate with the royal audience on the first day of festival activities at Fundidora Park on March 29. So you will practically drive through the main cities of our country.

Keane will return to Mexico to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Hopes and Fears” / Photo: OCESA.
This is the official lineup of Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024/Photo: Tecate Pa’l Norte.

The complexity of playing an entire album live

Of course we’re excited about Keane’s return to Mexico as they are one of the most popular British groups of the first decade of the 2000s and the last time we had them here they left us with a great taste in our mouths. But of course we are very happy because On this tour the shows will be very special because they play the entire thing Hopes and fears… or something similar.

Us We had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Tom Chaplin himself on Sopitas FM X Radio Chilango and he told us some details about the presentations he will be giving in the Aztec lands with Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin. And among these details, rannounced how they plan to organize the concerts both at the Palacio de los Deportes and the Telmex Auditorium and at the Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024.

Tom Chaplin plays with Keane at Corona Capital 2019/Photo: Stephania Carmona

It turns out that Keane’s singer confessed that they realized this It would be difficult to play Hopes and Fears from start to finish as the hits from this great album are at the top of the tracklist.. And after classics like “Somewhere Only We Know”, “Bend and Break” or “Everybody’s Changing”, the album becomes a slightly different trip, with a few more anthems.

“I think what’s special about ‘Hopes and Fears’ is that it’s an album… we were looking forward to it. We wanted it to be a real success. The album contains all the big singles and best songs from the first half of the record, and then things get dreamier. So, as you say, it doesn’t lend itself to being played in order. Still, I think we found a way to combine these songs into a journey.”

“And every time a ‘Hopes and Fears’ song comes on, you’re drawn back into that world. Mexico will be the first place we try, so we have to do it right. But I think we’re pretty confident that we found a way to make it feel like a journey but still make it feel like a celebration of the record.”

Well, this is the possible setlist for Keane’s concerts in Mexico

After checking out what other bands like Bloc Party have been doing, they also came to Corona Capital 2019 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Silent alarm, We thought Keane could apply the same thing: playing Hopes and fearsSo from the last song on the album to the first.

However, if you listen to Tom Chaplin’s words and look at the setlists from his recent performances, it seems that things are getting more interesting. We say it because In the shows that took place in early 2024, they mixed the songs from their debut album with those from other albums. Therefore Taking these details into account, this is how they could sound in the concerts they will give in CDMX and Guadalajara.

  1. “I can’t stop now”
  2. “Bend and Break”
  3. “Silenced by the Night”
  4. “We could also be strangers”
  5. “Spiral”
  6. “The way I feel”
  7. “Your eyes open”
  8. “Separated”
  9. “Is it a miracle?”
  10. “Nothing in my way”
  11. “Bed-shaped”
  12. “This is the last time”
  13. “A bad dream”
  14. “Everyone changes”
  15. “Somewhere only we know”
  16. “The Night Sky”
  17. “Neon River”
  18. “Crystal Ball”
  19. “Sovereign Light Café”

Now we know that At Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024, Keane will have less time to play as his presentation is scheduled to last one hour and five minutes on the Tecate Light stage. That’s why at Parque Fundidora they could throw away this particular setlist.

  1. “Silenced by the Night”
  2. “Bend and Break”
  3. “We could also be strangers”
  4. “The way I feel”
  5. “You open your eyes”
  6. “Spiral”
  7. “Nothing in my way”
  8. “Bed-shaped”
  9. “This is the last time”
  10. “Is it a miracle?”
  11. “A bad dream”
  12. “Everyone changes”
  13. “Somewhere only we know”
  14. “Sovereign Light Café”

How are you doing? Do you like the song selection for Keane’s concerts in Mexico? Definitely, Three dates await us where we will be nostalgic and remember the time when we were happy and didn’t know it when we listened to the hymns Hopes and fears. You are ready?

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