This is how much the XRP price can rise if Ripple wins the lawsuit against the SEC

Yesterday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission acknowledged that the sale of LBRY Credits (LBC) tokens was not an improper sale of unregistered securities. This positive development meant a significant increase in the LBC price. The share price rose by more than 300 percent.

How much can the XRP price rise if they win the lawsuit?

XRP fans and legal experts are using yesterday’s LBC price hike as an example of what could happen to the XRP price if the outcome of the lawsuit proves favorable to the crypto world. Lawyer Bill Morgan also made the comparison between XRP and LBRY.

Should XRP experience a similar 300 percent increase, that would mean the price would rise from $0.40 to a price above $1.20. However, some analysts say that the price increase of XRP would be even more spectacular if Ripple wins the lawsuit.

The comparison between LBRY and XRP

The case of LBRY is very similar to the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC over XRP. One of the charges was the sale of unregistered securities. When LBRY lost their lawsuit to the Commission earlier this year, it was a serious setback to Ripple’s status. The good news in the LBRY case is great news for Ripple Labs, according to legal experts.

Some experts say that the chances of a settlement between Ripple and the SEC are quite high. Then of course it depends on what that settlement would mean for Ripple Labs, but overall this would be good news for the crypto company. Then they can finally put all legal disputes behind them and look ahead.

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