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“They vomit me”: when Jean-Marie Bigard writes his name into Google

When typing his name into Google, Jean-Marie Bigard was badly surprised to discover the hatred that Internet users pour out against him.

In a video published this Friday morning through his Instagram account, Jean-Marie Bigard expressed his sadness after being alerted by his relatives about the insults he received on the Internet. He explains having typed his name in the search engine bar, adding the terms “health pass” or “vaccine” before falling into the barrage of hateful comments.

“And then I saw the way they were throwing me up, what the fuck they were dragging me into.” Like a criminal ”, the comedian denounces from the first seconds of its publication.

Known for always assuming the depth of his thoughts loud and clear, the 67-year-old comedian later declared that “although it would be best not to say anything” as advised by his friend Jean-Jacques Goldman, the actor could not remain without reacting. .

“I have to tell you my sadness because I tell myself, but my God, how can I go from a generous gentleman to a traitor who returns his jacket for money, is exactly what they are saying at the time of me,” he laments. .

Jean-Marie Bigard has drawn the ire of some netizens since he was forced to give up the health pass to greet his audience during his shows, while firmly opposing it. But as you recall: “For those who still wonder, I am against the health pass. But I am like you or you, I have a family to feed, so they strangle me and force me to accept it because we do not impose this health pass ”.

Furthermore, no later than three days ago, Sasha’s father, Bella and Jules, continued to grumble against the use of the mandatory mask, lamenting that the freedom of the French was “violated”. Therefore, he had decided to waive this obligation during his shows.

But despite his positioning, that did not stop his detractors from reacting. Jean-Marie Bigard didn’t expect many people to spit out their hidden hatred behind their screens, blaming him for his latest decisions made against his will. He says he is “appalled at all this evil that falls on his ass, all the media that despise him.” Lola Marois’s husband sees himself “as a beast to be slaughtered” and says he doesn’t deserve it. Always so transparent in his reactions, he even confesses that he “wants to cry”.

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